3 of the Best Baby Books

Babies just like our older children will also benefit from reading books whether its a longer one or just a picture book that we read to our little ones, this will benefit them in their development and help with their speech as they grow older. It is scientifically proven that the more we read to our babies and children the more that they will learn. Here are a few of our top picks of books to read to you baby:

Peek-a-boo Forest by Lamaze

Lamaze as an author of children’s books understands fully the developmental characteristics of our infants. This book already has close to 2000 positive reviews allowing you to get feedback from other parents to whether this book will be a positive for your little one. The Peek-a-Boo Forest is a great first book for your baby and is made from durable colourful cloth which allows your baby to not only have visual stimulation but also stimulation through the softness and smoothness of the fabric. This book boost 6-pages of inspiring rhymes that you will enjoy reading to your little one

First 100 Animals by Roger Priddy 

First 100 Animals is a great book to teach your little one about different animals that they may encounter in their lives. Although you may have already been to the safari parks or zoos and showed your child the animals at them this can be a constant reminder of what they have seen before. This highly colourful book will capture your child’s book will capture your childs attention but don’t forget its you who has to teach your child the sounds that these animals make, so get practicing!

First Sounds Book Set and Cube by Sassy

The First Sounds Book Set and Cube has been designed to be your baby’s first book. Each page has a different sound that your baby will make as he/she is growing and learning to speak and a picture to go with each of the sounds. The book is made of foam covered in safe fabric making it idea for little ones who tend to put everything into their mouth. The cube can be used as game when your little one is slightly older, role the cube and make the noise, hours of endless fun with your child.

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