The top 5 best-selling books of 2017

If you have chosen to read this blog chances are you love to read a delightful book and whether you are a book enthusiast or you just read for fun when you are on holiday or when you just need some down time soaking in the tub, we will find you a book that you will love to read. Here are some of the best- selling books of 2017 to keep you going throughout this year:

No Middle Name. By Lee Child

‘The complete Jack Reacher short story collection, from the number one bestseller Lee Child.

Jack Reacher, lone wolf, knight errant, ex-military cop, lover of women, scourge of the wicked and righter of wrongs, is the most iconic hero for our age. This is the first time all Lee Child’s shorter fiction featuring Jack Reacher has been collected into one volume.’

When I began to read ‘No Middle Name’ I couldn’t put this book down. It was an addictive read and has made me want to buy more of Lee Childs’ books. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

Into the Water. By Paula Hawkins

‘A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Earlier in the summer, a vulnerable teenage girl met the same fate. They are not the first women lost to these dark waters, but their deaths disturb the river and its history, dredging up secrets long submerged.

Left behind is a lonely fifteen-year-old girl. Parentless and friendless, she now finds herself in the care of her mother’s sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from a place to which she vowed she’d never return.

Beware a calm surface you never know what lies beneath.’

‘Into the Water’ is certainly one of my favourite reads this year. Each chapter keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting to read more. I struggled to
put this book down and I really do think if you love a good crime- thriller you will be the same.

A dog’s purpose. By W. Bruce Cameron

‘This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives. More than just another charming dog story, A Dog’s Purpose touches on the universal quest for an answer to life’s most basic question: Why are we here?

Surprised to find himself reborn as a rambunctious golden-haired puppy after a tragically short life as a stray mutt, Bailey’s search for his new life’s meaning leads him into the loving arms of 8-year-old Ethan. During their countless adventures Bailey joyously discovers how to be a good dog.

But this life as a beloved family pet is not the end of Bailey’s journey. Reborn as a puppy yet again, Bailey wonders—will he ever find his purpose?’

This heart-warming and hilarious book is a must-read. If you are a dog lover you will also love this book and it may give you an insight to how your pet feels about you. The story is moving and is written beautifully ensuring that you will love this book.

Big Little Lies. By Liane Moriarty

‘‘I guess it started with the mothers.’

‘It was all just a terrible misunderstanding.’

‘I’ll tell you exactly why it happened.’

Pirriwee Public’s annual school Trivia Night has ended in a shocking riot. A parent is dead.

Parents behaving badly…a tragic accident…or murder? What isn’t in doubt is that someone is dead…

Madeline is a force to be reckoned with: witty, noisy and passionate. She remembers everything and forgives no one.

Celeste is the kind of beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stare. But perfection is often an illusion.

Jane is a single mum with a mysterious past who carries a sadness beyond her years.

These three women, all with children starting at the same school, are about to tell the little lies that can turn lethal…’

This is another of my favourite books of this year and yet another book that I didn’t want to put down. It is a page turner and will keep you on the edge of your seat as it is tense and scary at times. Another brilliant book from Moriarty and another one that you need to add to your list of books.

The Dry. By Jane Harper

‘A desperate act in a small town with big secrets.

Luke Hadler turns a gun on his wife and child, then himself. The farming community of Kiewarra is facing life and death choices daily. If one of their own broke under the strain, well…

When Federal Police investigator Aaron Falk returns to Kiewarra for the funerals, he is loath to confront the people who rejected him twenty years earlier. But when his investigative skills are called on, the facts of the Hadler case start to make him doubt this murder-suicide charge.

And as Falk probes deeper into the killings, old wounds start bleeding into fresh ones. For Falk and his childhood friend Luke shared a secret… A secret Falk thought long-buried… A secret which Luke’s death starts to bring to the surface…’

This must be up there with the best read of 2017, it is gripping and the author has done an amazing job of writing this novel. If you enjoy reading a good crime fiction then this is the book for you. I assure you that you won’t want this book to end and you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout.

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